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Quiero Cantar for Antena 3 (Spain)

Welcome to the professional website of Manel Iglesias, Executive Producer, Director and Producer specialized in the production of great shows and live programs for television. With extensive experience in the audiovisual industry, Manel has worked for various communication companies in Spain and in other countries, such as Televisión de Galicia, Telecinco, Globomedia, Canal + España, Starmus Festival, Royal Academy of Cinematographic Arts of Spain, EndemolShineLatino, Radio Televisión Española and Radio Televisión Portuguesa, SIC and TVI in Portugal or Televisa in México, among other audiovisual production companies and broadcasters from different countries.

Manel has stood out for his dedication and excellence in directing and carrying out important live events, such as the seven editions of the Goya Awards of the Spanish Film Academy for RTVE, the twelve Ondas Awards of the Prisa group for Canal+, the executive production of the Starmus Festival, the general coordination of the Platinum Awards for Latin American Cinema broadcast from Panama to 18 of Hispanic America countries, the seven personalized broadcasts of the Hollywood Oscars for Canal + Spain, the concert of The Three Tenors with the Philharmonic of London on Canal+, the realization of the soccer world cups in Germany for La Sexta, the executive production of Big Brother in Spain and Mexico, or the inauguration of various regional TV channels, documentaries and documentary series, live entertainment programs, broadcasts sports and information programs in Spain and Portugal, in addition to the creation, direction and production of many other hos entertainment formats.

Throughout his career, Manel has had the opportunity to work with great professionals in music, sports, cinema, television, science and culture, and to transmit his talent to the general public through broadcasts on live for tv. If he is looking for a highly trained and skylled professional, Manel Iglesias is the perfect choice.                                                                                                                                                                                                                     IA ChatGPT 

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